The short bob is THE trend hairstyle 2020!

A never-ending story: we women and our hair. Only last year did I dare to go for a  long bob . And since I love change, I’m actually playing with the idea of ​​cutting my hair into a trendy short bob. In the spirit of “short hair, don’t care”. To help you make a better decision, I have put together some styling options for you (and me!), As well as tips on what is important with a short bob.

What is a short bob anyway?

The short bob usually ends at chin level, but can vary accordingly depending on the length of the face and neck. Since the bob is super changeable, it has been one of the most popular hairstyles for years. You can wear it straight and accurate, longer at the front and shorter at the back or with a fringed cut. A special variant of the short bob is also the so-called pob. This is a bob combined with straight bangs.

New year, new hair: the coolest change to start in 2020

From a symbolic point of view, you can get rid of old baggage from the past year with a new hairstyle and start the new year really fresh. A short bob also has the advantage that it defines your face perfectly and makes it look more interesting immediately. Why should you also choose a short bob? Here are three reasons:

  1. A short bob creates fresh, cool and modern vibes.
  2. Short hair is easier to care for than long hair because you don’t have to spend as much time washing, blow-drying and styling your hair.
  3. A short bob gives your hair more volume. It is therefore particularly suitable for thin hair.

A style that makes you want to go for summer, sun, and beach. Put some salt spray or dry shampoo into your hair, then knead your hair nicely and bring it into shape. Do you want to know how to style the waves step-by-step? Then take a look at our article on Beach Waves. Here we give a helpful guide for the soft waves. If you want even more fullness for your short bob, you can add an extra-deep side parting and style your hair over the front section. 

An additional tip for volume: blow-dry your hair upside down.

A messy half bun with romantic waves is very different from the androgynous styling variant. I love it! The hairstyle looks particularly stylish when you put the braid super high and wrap a strand around the elastic. Be sure to leave the front section of hair open so that it flatters your face. The perfect hairstyle for a date with your loved one.

I recommend that you pretreat your hair with a smoothing conditioner and hair oil. Comb your hair well after shampooing and then pull the part you want. Then apply heat spray to your damp hair and blow dry it into the desired shape with a round brush. Tip: Blow-dry your hair from top to bottom – this will make your hair particularly smooth. Then go over your hair with a straightening iron and provide extra shine. The final step is to fix it with hairspray. By the way: Particularly thick hair looks cool in the Sleek version.

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