Tying a wreath of flowers: It’s that easy

As a child, did you spend hours looking for the longest daisies in the meadows and weaving them into a wreath of flowers? I made small slits in the stems with my thumbnail and then stuck the next little flower in there. The result was always a bit shaky, but still sweet. Now I would like to show you a more stable and slightly more adult version of the headdress . Because even Scott McKenzie sang: “… be sure to wear some flowers in your hair …”.

With a self-tied wreath made of real flowers, you are definitely the star at the next garden party, festival or wedding. And: No worries! You don’t have to go to the next meadow and laboriously search for suitable flowers. You can get everything you need in the craft shop and flower shop.

The right choice of flowers for a DIY wreath

Basically, of course, your taste decides when choosing flowers. If you tend to have large flowers, ranunculus, gerbera or outdoor roses are particularly suitable. But: Be aware beforehand that the wreath of flowers with large flowers can quickly appear massive and expansive. Personally, I therefore prefer smaller flowers such as gypsophila, sea lavender or chamomile. Tip: If you don’t want to do without large flowers, you can simply combine them with small flowers and leaves such as eucalyptus, fern or pistachio green.

It is also important that you reach for flowers that can be without water for as long as possible – after all, you want something from your Flower Crown for the long term, right? The so-called bouvardias are particularly suitable. You also have the option of drying flowers such as hydrangeas, yarrow or meadow flowers and only then tying them into a flower wreath. If you want your flower wreath to last forever, you can of course also choose artificial flowers.

The right flowers for special occasions


Are you planning a boho wedding? Then a flower wreath is definitely part of the bridal headdress. For example, reach for peonies, which stand for love and security. Also lilies , innocence and virginity symbolize, are often used for wedding floristry. Just like gypsophila – the classic stands for purity. My favorite combination for a wedding flower wreath consists of ranunculus and eucalyptus. The former embody romance, the greenish-silver eucalyptus looks elegant and is said to have a calming effect. Perfect for the big day!

Hen party

You can of course wear a flower wreath before the big day – a hen party , for example, is a great occasion. Often the wreath is used as a “distinctive mark of the team bride”. Workshops where you can tie a wreath of flowers yourself are particularly popular. Take marigolds, for example , which are symbolic of true love. A gerbera is also a good match for the JGA – it stands for sincerity, appreciation and friendship.

Summer party

A light blue maxi dress, beige sandals and a wreath of fresh flowers – voilà, you’re perfectly styled for the summer party. Make sure that you do not choose too strong flowers – freesia, hyacinth or lavender, on the other hand, are great. I guarantee you: With the flower wreath you are guaranteed to be an eye-catcher!

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