Make matte nails yourself: this is how it works

High gloss was yesterday – today, matte nails are very popular in the beauty world. Matt nail polish in black, red, blue or as fancy nail art are absolutely eye-catchers. The cool, matt nail look, which exudes understatement, sophistication and a slight touch of luxury, is in great demand. There are a few tips and tricks  you can use to matte your favorite nail polish or make a whole bottle of matte nail polish yourself. You can find out how to do this here.

DIY nail trends: this is how you can make matte nails yourself

Whether it’s a matt top coat, artificial nails, buffer blocks or home remedies: There are many tricks you can use to make your nail polish matt.

Use a matt top coat

If you don’t want to buy a finished, matt nail polish, you can paint your fingernails with a special matt top coat. These are lacquers that contain silicas and paraffins and thus cause an anti-glare effect when drying. It only takes about 30 seconds for the top coat to dry and the matting effect to become apparent. If you are not satisfied with the matte nails, it helps to apply another layer of the top coat.

Make nail polish yourself

Instead of covering glossy varnish with a matte top coat, you can easily make your own matte nail polish yourself. All you need is some corn starch or corn flour, which you can get in any well-stocked supermarket. To make a normal, single-colored nail polish matt, sieve or mash the corn powder as finely as possible and fill two to three pinches of it into a half-filled bottle with the colored nail polish. Cap the bottle and shake it vigorously for several minutes. Your self-made matt nail polish is ready! You can also create a matte top coat with colorless nail polish this way.

Make gel nails matt

Many women who have problems with brittle nails opt for artificial fingernails. But these are also suitable for everyone who prefers long nails with a chic nail art design. Gel nails – also called gel modeling – consist of a gel-like coating that is applied to the natural nails, cures under UV light and is durable for several weeks. You can ideally have matte gel nails adjusted in a nail salon, as the process is a bit more complex.

Make your fingernails matt yourself with Buffer Block or with home remedies

You can also mattify your fingernails by filing a very fine file or a buffer block over the dried gloss varnish and roughening the surface. Do this very gently and carefully so that the paint does not split off and damage the nail.

For the following trick, which you can use to make your own matt nails, the glossy varnish must still be damp. The best way to proceed is to first finish the fingernails of one hand and only then do the nails of the other hand. And this is how it works: Apply finely sieved baking soda (sodium) to the still damp gloss varnish with a very fine make-up brush. Make sure that the powder is distributed evenly and without gaps on the nails. Let the soda soak in for a few seconds. Then you dip the brush in water and wipe off the soda completely. When the nail is completely dry, the matt effect becomes visible.

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