Make gel nails yourself? We show how to do it!

Even if we are no longer on our own in terms of beauty technology, the past few months have shown that we can carry out some treatments ourselves at home. We have already cut our hair  and colored our eyelashes ourselves  – with really nice results. Now our nails can use an upgrade. And why go to the nail salon when we can make gel nails ourselves?

The advantage of gel nails: unlike normal varnish, where the paint often flakes off after a few days, gel nails still look beautiful after weeks. It takes a lot longer to apply, but it’s definitely worth the effort. How you can make the gel nails yourself step by step and what is important, you can find out here.

You need the following materials for DIY gel nails

  • a UV lamp
  • File and buffer
  • a rosewood stick
  • brush
  • Cleaner / disinfectant
  • Cellettes or lint-free cotton pads
  • Primer
  • Build-up gel
  • Color gel
  • optional: glitter particles
  • Sealing gel

Make gel nails yourself: that’s how it works

In just twelve steps to absolute dream nails – I’ll show you here how you can make the gel nails yourself. Super easy and easy to understand!

Step 1:  In the first step you should prepare your nails. This means that you file them into any shape – whether round, square or oval is of course up to you.

Step 2: Remove excess cuticles with a rosewood stick. You gently push the skin backwards.

Step 3: Degrease the nails with a cleaner (or disinfectant). To do this, rub your nails thoroughly with a moistened cellette.

Step 4: Lightly roughen the nails with a buffer. Warning: don’t overdo it! They should only be matted off so that the gel adheres better. Removes the resulting dust particles with a cloth.

Step 5:  Apply a primer to the nails that removes moisture and makes them more adhesive. Important:  The entire nail surface should be coated.

Step 6:  Apply a first layer of the clear build-up gel. Be careful not to use too much gel – a few more layers will follow.

Step 7:  Let the gel harden in the UV light for about two minutes. Important: keep your hand straight so that the gel does not run. Then repeat Step 6 and Step 7 to level out any unevenness.

Step 8: Now apply a thin layer of color gel of your choice and let it cure for two minutes under the UV lamp. Repeat this process.

Step 9:  If you want, you can apply glitter particles to one or all of your fingers. Then let it cure under the UV lamp for two minutes.

Step 10:  Finally, apply a layer of the sealing gel and let it dry for two minutes under the UV lamp.

Step 11:  Remove the sticky sweat layer with the cleaner and the cellette.

Step 12:  You can then apply hand cream or nail oil.

Tip: If your nails have grown out and you haven’t had time to bring them back into shape, you can simply paint over them and hide the transitions. 

Attention: If you want to remove the nail polish from the gel nails, you should definitely use acetone-free nail polish remover, otherwise the gel will be damaged.

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