Nail design autumn: Here come the new trend nails 2020 Autumn

Cozy hours on the sofa with a nice cup of tea and a good book – we can really get something positive out of every season, including autumn. And do you know what is particularly good about the homely season? We have plenty of time to calmly test out the latest trends in nail design autumn 2020. Be curious, because it will be colorful!

Our nails autumn colors 2020

Obviously, you can find all the trend colors of the season in nature. We are particularly fond of earthy nuances, which are complemented by rich shades of green and warm red tones. But don’t worry: All of you who don’t want to miss out on a bit of glitter and glamor in autumn and winter will still not miss out. Because different variants of metallic nails made it onto the hit list of nail design trends in autumn.

Particularly color-intensive paints can sometimes be a little tricky to use. Have a look at our article on the topic of nail painting – there you will find many valuable nail polish hacks that will make your life easier.

In addition to the different trend paints, we have discovered another trend. Bare nails – completely unpainted nails – were seen at many fashion shows. The basic requirement for this is of course perfectly manicured hands and nails. If these are provided with enough moisture, they shine all by themselves.

The top 4 nail design trends in autumn

1. Nail design in brown autumn colors

Nomnom, our fingernails are now beautiful to bite into! We are now dipping them in melt-in-the-mouth chocolate nuances. Reddish-brown tones such as chestnut are also the perfect companion for every autumn look. Nude outfits look particularly harmonious and make a perfect combination. Camel Coat and Chocolate Nails? It couldn’t be better!

2. Autumnal nail design in orange and rust red

When it gets colder outside, we just have to have a little fire on our nails. Hot colors like orange, rust or chimney red are great options . You can use them as an accent color for rather simple outfits and thus provide a little highlight. Make sure that the paint is applied evenly, especially with loud tones. Better one shift too much than too little. You can even make the colorful autumn leaves look pale!

3. Autumn nails in rich shades of green

For a long time, green, especially in dark versions, was dismissed as slightly eco. Hard to believe, because dark green is now THE trend color for autumn nails. Green is very unobtrusive, similar to navy blue, and can therefore be worn perfectly with a wide variety of looks. A lush fir green still harmonizes most beautifully with the complementary color red. But orange, beige and even light blue are also great. Attention: With dark nail colors you should be extra clean when applying. Painted cuticles catch the eye particularly quickly.

4. Modern metallic as a nail design in autumn

For many, a bit of glitter simply belongs in the dark season. The trendy Chrome Nails have received a small, fine upgrade and are now available in a wide variety of colors. We think the rose-tinged nails are absolutely beautiful. They are complemented by full cover nails in burgundy. Let it shine!

Another option is to highlight your manicure with individual glitter nails. A sparkling ring fingernail is very popular. Here you can of course let your creativity run free.

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