Combine high waist jeans like a pro

In the 90s, jeans couldn’t sit deep enough. However, since the year 2000 at the latest, the waistband of our jeans has been rising steadily. Not without reason: high-waisted jeans conjure up a wonderful figure and are now more popular than ever before. In this article, we will tell you why fashion professionals swear by pants and how you can combine your high-waisted jeans.

Why we are now using high waist jeans

There are a few things that speak clearly in favor of high waist jeans in my opinion. On the one hand , it stretches the legs and makes them look fabulous. Small women in particular should therefore choose jeans with a high waist rather than a model with a low waist. If you have a small tummy, high- waisted jeans will hide it perfectly. It is important, however, that you use firm denim or a little stretch and that the jeans are not too tight. If it narrows too much, the opposite effect occurs and rolls of bacon emerge.

By the way, the current high-waisted jeans can be stylishly styled and even give a slim-fit blouses and co. Jeans with a high waistband and flare also go perfectly with the trendy 70s style and bring boho vibes to every outfit.

Combine high waist jeans

Do you like rock outfits and want to combine dark blue highwaist jeans? Then do it like Lisa. For Mom Jeans by Lee® wearing a casual black shirt with tiger print. So that it doesn’t get too fresh, Lisa has pulled a cute turtleneck top with a millefleurs print underneath, which forms a cool style break with the shirt . Lisa emphasizes her narrow waist on the one hand with the high waistband of the trousers, on the other hand with the striking western-look belt. Mega!

The heavy chunky boots ensure the right grip in stressful everyday life . Lisa really shows them off by casually rolling up her high-waisted jeans. The black leather jacket and sunglasses with small orange lenses add even more rock star character.

When it comes to jewelry, Lisa remains minimalist and wears earrings that reflect her soft spot for wild cats. The silver medallions are adorned not with tigers, but with lions’ heads. The heart-shaped bag forms a small splash of color in the otherwise rather dark outfit. After all, a bit of sweetness can also be part of a rock look.

Combine high waist jeans

With my height of 1.63 meters, the trend of high-waisted trousers suits me very well. So I can wear cropped jeans – like here – without my legs looking shortened. On the contrary, I cheated a few more inches through the high waistband My natural-colored high-waisted jeans by Marc O’Polo are super comfortable thanks to a small amount of elastane and do not constrict when cycling.

Speaking of which: thanks to the high waistband, there are guaranteed no laundry flashes on the bike , and the kidneys also stay nice and warm. I think I’ll be wearing the pants around the clock for the next few months.

I combine a vanilla-colored, slightly transparent blouse with dots and a short jacket in beige with the natural-colored high-waisted jeans. For me these are three colors that harmonize wonderfully with each other. The XXL sunglasses by GUCCI , which I hope to be able to wear often this year, can add a splash of color .

For the rest of the accessories I used snake skin prints entirely Cell phone, money and keys fit in the small pocket. The pumps with block heels look great, as does the chain with large rings, which is in the same colors. For me, this is a look that is absolutely feminine, even though I’m not wearing a skirt or a dress.

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