Figure advice: suitable styles for your type

We women come in a wide variety of colors, shapes and sizes – huh, we love diversity! But do you sometimes ask yourself how best to dress in a figure-fitting manner in order to flatter your body shape? Then you should definitely read on. We give you a suitable figure advice with tips on how to get the best out of your physique . For each figure type we present an outfit that fits your body perfectly. Check it up!

Figure type A: the pear shape

Petite upper body, narrow waist, wide hips and strong thighs: Well, does this description apply to your body shape? Then you belong to type A, and here comes our figure advice for you. Your trump card: the narrow shoulders and broad hips are perfectly connected by the curved waist – this makes for dreamy curves!

So that the upper and lower body are in harmony, we advise you in our figure advice to wear tops with playful details. Pieces with shoulder pads can also look great on this figure type. Important:  Your top should end either above or below the widest hip point. In the cold season you can wear a long coat with a waist belt over your top – this flatters the figure. Combine it with casual stretch trousers in a restrained navy blue or a long A-line skirt, if you like it more elegant. Sweet heeled sandals in a metallic look, a light blue statement necklace, a shoulder bag in nude and cat-eye sunglasses will pimp your look.


  • Tops with ruffles, ruffles and decorations
  • patterned blouses or shirts
  • slightly flared trousers in plain colors


  • Skinny jeans or tight trousers
  • Mini skirts and tulip skirts
  • eye-catching decorations on the lower part

Figure type X: the hourglass figure

One thing that Jennifer Lopez, Rihanna and Beyoncé have in common is not only that they are fabulous singers, they also all have fantastic bodies in the shape of an hourglass. This type is characterized by broad shoulders, usually a large bust, curvy hips and a narrow waist. The latter should be nicely emphasized – a tailored wrap dress , for example, fits perfectly with the female body shape. Style it with a beige trench coat , black pumps (they lengthen your legs) and a black and beige handle bag that compliments the feminine look wonderfully. Noble earrings and classic lipstick in red ensure the perfect finish. Option: If you want to break up the elegant look, you can use a straw hat, which provides a touch of casualness.


  • Blazer with a lapel collar and a narrow waist
  • Pieces with a winding effect
  • high-cut pencil skirts


  • large flounces or ruffles
  • boxy and oversized cuts
  • Trumpet sleeves

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