Walking in high heels: 5 tips how it works!

Even if I don’t wear high heels every day, but only on special occasions – I love the shoes that make the legs look infinitely long and slim. The problem: It is sometimes not that easy to move sexy and light-footed on high heels. In addition, blisters, sore ankles and pressure points can become real torture. In the following, I will therefore give you  tips for the right preparation and assistance on how you can gradually walk better on high heels. As is well known, practice makes perfect!

Tip 1: choose the right shoes

That may sound banal, but the right size and fit are very important, especially for high-heeled shoes! You can only walk stably and safely in high heels if nothing is pressing and the shoe is not too loose. Tries to buy really only comfortable heels, and be sure to pay attention to the quality.  The material and the heel should be robust.

Are you a complete beginner? Then the heel of your new shoes should not be too high. Specifically, this means: Start with six centimeters and slowly increase. If you try four or eight centimeters right away, you run the risk of twisting your ankle or carrying blisters and sore feet.

Extra tip: Be sure to choose high heels with straps at the beginning. That gives even more support and stability. 

Tip 2: walk in high heels with pads

What you should definitely not do without, because that’s what they are there for: Cushions that you stick in your shoes! Padding on the balls of the feet and heels is particularly helpful. I can’t promise you that you will walk on clouds, but the soft adhesive cushions can definitely ensure that the wearing comfort is enormously improved. So-called anti-slip inserts can also help you get a firm footing in your high heels.

Tip 3: take care of your feet

Cracked feet with blisters or corns are not a good prerequisite if you want to walk in high heels –  well-groomed feet are much more durable and robust. So don’t forget to exfoliate, massage, oil and cream the lower end of your body regularly. You will notice that this has a tremendous impact on the well-being in high-heeled shoes. Plus: Well-groomed feet naturally also look much nicer!

Have you ever noticed that models cross their feet a little while walking on the catwalk? So they automatically swing their hips back and forth, which makes wearing high heels even more sensual! 

Dear ones, now there are no more excuses: arm yourself with the most beautiful high heels and show what you can do! Your legs are not only visually stretched, but your posture also changes automatically, making your spine look straight and your bottom appear rounder. 

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